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Green Treasure between Grigne and Alps

Valsassina is a green valley in Lecco, surrounded by the Grigne mountain range and the Orobian Alps. It has always been an ideal destination for those who love tranquility, clean air and trekking in the mountains, in addition to good food and quaint villages.

The excursions in the mountains

For hiking enthusiasts, both beginners and experts, Valsassina offers numerous trails leading to incredible places with breathtaking views of Lake Como. Among the most traveled and well-known are the ring of Mount Muggio, the ascent to Mount Due Mani, and, for the most experienced, the ascent of Grigna and Grignetta, the queens of Valsassina. Before embarking on any mountain trail, one must make sure that one is physically ready and has appropriate clothing to be safe at all times.

Local Gastronomy

In terms of gastronomy, Valsassina is an area very rich in local and km0 products. It is impossible not to mention the cheese production of taleggio, goat cheese, robiola, and ricotta from the many companies that export throughout Italy. The surrounding forests give, according to season, mushrooms and chestnuts that are cooked and served with the ever-present polenta, mosa, which is the addition of butter, or taragna, with the addition of cheese.

The villages of the Valsassina

Valsassina is composed of many small towns connected by convenient roads that cross the entire valley. Among the best known are Ballabio, a town bordering the city of Lecco; Cremeno and Barzio, from which numerous mountain trails branch off; Premana, world-famous for its production of knives and scissors; and Primaluna, known for its metalworking companies. Thanks to its geographical location, Valsassina, while remaining in the quiet of the valley, is very well connected to the city of Lecco, the village of Varenna, and Colico and Bellano.

Characteristic festivals

Valsassina is also a land of ancient traditions, and during the festivals, it is possible to relive them. The most important is definitely the Sagra delle Sagre, which enlivens the valley every August with shows, stands, and traditional food. Also very characteristic is the Regional Exhibition of the Orobic Goat, which takes place in Casargo in November, where numerous specimens of goats parade while being evaluated by a jury of experts.

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