Right to hospitality

Elderly, disability, food intolerance and economic availability.

Tourism has become, over the last century, a primary social need. It represents not only an economic factor of extraordinary importance but also an instrument of personal knowledge and emancipation. For all these reasons it is now essential to guarantee access to the tourist experience to all citizens, regardless of personal, social, economic and any other conditions that may limit the use of this property.

In Italy a commission was set up “for the promotion and support of Accessible Tourism”, born from the need to put each person with his needs at the center of the tourism system. Accessible tourism is the maximum expression of this goal of civilization and for this reason Italy has developed the Charter of tourist rights.

Accessibility, that is the absence of architectural, cultural and sensorial barriers, is the indispensable condition for allowing the use of Italian tourism heritage. The principle that the Commission wanted to promote is simple and clear: the individual as a whole, with his needs, is a citizen and a customer who has the right to use the tourism offer in a complete and autonomous way, receiving adequate services to commensurate with what you pay.

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