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The western shore of the Como Branch, the most visited, is rich in villages and medieval centers

The historical charm of Como and its surroundings

A Journey Through Time

In the city and in the immediate surroundings there are numerous testimonies of the presence of the ancient Romans, starting from the urban layout of the walled city, the Baths and the Strada Regina, from which in the Middle Ages passed the workers who spread the Romanesque throughout Europe.


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The atmosphere in the city of Como is incomparable.

The magic of the city is the result of the craft shops, typical restaurants and the smell of coffee in the bars that pervade the centre. A visit to the squares, which are overlooked by numerous hotels, is a must; various accommodation facilities, on the other hand, are hidden in the small alleyways. Numerous historic villas and modern palaces are ready to welcome you within their walls and gardens.

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Gioielleria Peverelli

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