Tourist rights

It may happen that a foreign tourist who chooses Italy as a destination for his holidays is in difficulty because of inadequate knowledge of the laws and regulations that protect his rights in the areas of transport, hospitality and hospitality.

When organizing a trip or a holiday it is always advisable to collect all the useful information about the destination, about the necessary formalities (documents, visas, security, health care, currency), and on their rights as users of tourist and transport services.

In order to meet these needs, the Charter of the rights of tourists was realized and subsequently the new Tourism Code came into force, repealing Law 135/2001 and introducing the Charter of Services.

Entering the merits of the document, drawn up by the Department for the development and competitiveness of tourism in competition with the relevant State Administrations, the Autonomous Regions and Provinces, the Organizations, business and trade union organizations of the tourism sector as well as the national protection associations of consumers, allows you to orient yourself in the rules governing the relationship that must be established between tourists, travel agencies and accommodation facilities.

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