Visteria, the Hotel Royal Victoria’s fine dining restaurant, opens

8 January 2024

Varenna, R Collection Hotels Group's Hotel Royal Victoria, introduces to the public its new fine dining concept, the Visteria restaurant.

Open since early May, the sophisticated and elegant restaurant in the medieval village of Varenna offers an immersive dining experience engaging all the senses with an enchanting view of Lake Como.

Recently renovated in interior design with spectacular stained glass windows and plays of transparency, Visteria is the magic of Lake Como and the village of Varenna with one of the best views.

Visteria, in its English pronunciation Wisteria, is meant to recall the ornamental wisteria plant of the lovely outdoor pergola, which with its vibrant color in shades of lilac, pink and white is the emblematic symbol of the Hotel Royal Victoria offering guests a pleasant and scenic surprise.

Open six days out of seven, excluding Tuesdays, during the evening hours from 7 to 10 p.m., Visteria welcomes local and international clientele, guests staying at the Hotel Royal Victoria and Villa Cipressi facilities, and outside guests who are looking for a restaurant with sublime quality to enjoy multi-sensory experiences in its food and wine offerings.

With 28 covers, Visteria offers refined cuisine in dishes designed by Chef Francesco Sarno, a native of Campania who specializes in luxury hospitality and has established professional experience.

Visteria offers à la carte menus with a fine selection of dishes or 4- or 6-course tasting menu itineraries, including an exclusively vegetarian tasting proposal. The cuisine aims to enhance the values and flavors of the Italian tradition in a fresh and sparkling key.

The raw material is of the highest quality and interacts with the territory with choices of Mediterranean ingredients based on meat, fish or vegetables. Among the best dishes, on Chef Sarno’s suggestion, we find the lemon, scampi and buffalo risotto,the button buffalo and eggplant, the artichoke parmesan and truffle or the scenic cooked and raw vegetables.

Visteria is Varenna’s fine dining that stands out for its sophisticated design studied down to the smallest detail. A warm and hospitable atmosphere in the choice of materials and textures, marble in combination with wood for the tables and velvet in the seating, in harmony with the play of transparencies created by the bright windows that dominate the restaurant, enhancing the view.

In terms of color, Visteria also offers a play of oppositions, going from a warm color such as the brick that is the protagonist of the restaurant, which recalls the historicity of the place and the importance of the structure’s tradition, to the blue of the curtains that picks up the color of the water of the lake the restaurant overlooks.

The result is a restaurant with a strong aesthetic impact and strong personality details in the selection of furnishings. Giving character and identity to the place is a large painting that at the same time serves as a sound-absorbing panel, ensuring acoustic comfort. Not only aesthetics but also functionality. Every piece of furniture is designed to guarantee and ensure a unique experience for the guest, make the service smooth, and make the environment extremely pleasant.

Visteria is multisensory, not only for taste and palate and the unequal view, but also for the gentle soft music that accompanies the guest’s culinary journey along with the delicate brightness of the lights thus creating a charming atmosphere.

Visteria can be reached on foot from the historic center of the village of Varenna, by car or by lake thanks to the private pier made available to all guests thus contributing to a truly enchanting experience.

For guests who wish to do so, Visteria also offers the opportunity to enjoy a selection of cocktails for a sunset aperitif at the entrance of the restaurant in the dedicated Cocktail Bar or at the end of the evening to end it with a bitter quality.

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