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Eating, it is incorporating a territory.

The Italian cuisine is known for its regional diversity, abundance in taste and seasoning, it is also considered the most popular in the world, with international influences. The main feature is its extreme simplicity, with many dishes composed of 4 up to 8 ingredients. The dishes and recipes have often been created by the grandmothers and that is why many recipes are suitable for home cooking.

Al Molo 5

Locanda Montefiori

Hotel Saligari

Azienda Agricola Del Risti’s


The Baretto

Capolinea Bistrot

Doppio Malto

Shabu Como

Gelateria Le Giuggiole

Herba Monstrum Brewery


Osteria Era Ora

Osteria Filet

Gelateria C’era una volta

Galli & gufi

Ice cream shop Riva

Stone House

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