The 8th issue of “Lake Como Tourism – Travel & Style” magazine presented at Palazzo del Borgo

8 January 2024

A magical evening at Palazzo del Borgo with Francesca Caminada

“Lake Como Tourism – Travel & Style,” Lake Como’s semi-annual magazine, has reached its eighth edition and, as with every publication, a presentation event was held. The evening was held yesterday, Thursday, July 13, at Palazzo del Borgo, an ancient residence from the late 1700s that is now an event location located in Via Borgo Vico in Como.

During the presentation Francesca Caminada, a journalist and editorial member of the magazine, spoke about the process by which she wrote this issue’s Dossier, which is dedicated to the 1960s in Lake Como, how people lived, the development of tourism and what was new in the decade.

The evening was accompanied by lavish catering managed by the already well-known Matteo Lento, the Beer Chef. He spoke during the presentation with numerous insights into the use of this raw material and then ventured into the preparation of risotto, obviously beer-based.

The evening continued with evocative historical dances performed by the company led by Marco Di Lauro, Ambassador for Lombardy of Compagnia Nazionale danza storica and President of Associazione Magia Mask Como, who during the presentation told us about the history of this company and their future plans.

The real protagonists, as always, were the partners and all those who collaborated in the realization of the magazine, who during the event had the opportunity to participate in the wheel of fortune draw, get to know each other, exchange views and cheers to this issue.

Special thanks go to Ita and Ado Franchini, owners of the venue and founders of InTour Italia, who hosted us and enabled the realization of this event.

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