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Between the Industrial Past and the Tourist Revival on Lake Como

Positioned on the opposite branch of Como, Lecco is the second-largest city in the Lario region. From a past that was mostly centered on industrial growth, particularly engineering, the city has increasingly shifted to tourism development in recent decades, redeveloping itself and sprouting modern accommodations that have enhanced its range of services.

Basilica di San Nicolò (Basilica of St. Nicholas)

The church, dedicated to St. Nicholas, patron saint of sailors and boatmen, is recognizable by its neo-Gothic, octagonal bell tower, nearly 100 meters high. Open for guided tours by appointment. Along the ascent, illustrated panels tell the story of the ancient village of Lecco, with a wonderful landscape at the top.

Museo Manzoniano (Manzonian Museum)

Villa Manzoni, a mansion that belonged to the family of the same name, currently houses the Museo Manzoniano, which displays manuscripts, first editions, and memorabilia related to the writer’s life and works.

Navigazione Laghi Pier

Located a short walk from Piazza Cermenati we find the Navigazione Laghi pier from which public boats depart to the most renowned locations on the Lario. Tickets can be purchased directly from the dock or on the official navigation website.

Piazza XX Settembre (XX September Square)

It represents the heart of the city, full of bars, restaurants, and stores that are always packed with citizens and tourists. Surrounded by historic buildings, it does not overlook the lake but offers a wonderful view of the basilica’s world-famous bell tower.

Viscontea Island

Sometimes referred to as “Isola di Pescarenico” after the neighborhood in front of which it is located. It is a river area that was utilized as a defense fort and military garrison before becoming a fishermen’s home.

Azzone Visconti Bridge

The Azzone Visconti Bridge, also known as Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge), is one of the landmarks of the city of Lecco and was built around 1335 at the request of the Lord of Milan, from whom it takes its name. The bridge was built at the point where the Adda River leaves the Lario.

Palazzo delle Paure (Palace of Fears)

The name derives from the fact that it was the seat of the intendancy of finance, cadastre and customs. It is a museum center with permanent and temporary exhibitions. On the top floor is the mountain exhibit with interactive installations.

Monument of Alessandro Manzoni

A bronze sculpture placed in Lecco’s square of the same name in memory of the great Milanese writer who set the novel, a masterpiece of Italian literature, “I promessi Sposi” or The Betrothed .

Torre Viscontea (Viscount Tower)

It is the only one that survived the demolitions of the late 18th century. The castle in the 17th century housed the Spanish garrison mentioned by Alessandro Manzoni in “I Promessi Sposi.” Today, only the 14th-century tower remains of the Visconti Castle. On the ground floor are visible the living quarters of the guardhouse and some cannonballs. The second floor is used as a space for temporary exhibitions, and the second and third houses the Museo della Montagna e dell’Alpinismo Lecchese.

Il Vallo delle Mura

It is the only portion of the wall still visible today and is located in the vicinity of the station, at the entrance to the ancient Porta Nuova. Lecco in ancient times was in fact surrounded by defensive walls ordered by the Visconti family in 1336, together with the bridge and castle on the lake.

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