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A Journey Through History, Art and Enchanting Corners of Life

Rich in history, art, lively squares and charming corners, let yourself be surprised by Como, the main city of the Lario.

Porta Torre (Tower gate)

It is one of the symbols of the city, the most massive of Como’s medieval fortifications that have survived to the present day. A full 40 meters high, it was erected in 1192 and on the outside looks like a monolithic block, opened only by a double archway for the entrance; while the side facing the city center is lightened by four sets of double arches.

Piazza San Fedele

The heart of the walled city is Piazza San Fedele, which is located at the ancient Roman Forum and was long the site of the city market. The picturesque medieval buildings facing the square feature wooden and exposed brick structures. Here stands the Church of San Fedele, built in the Romanesque style around 1120.

Il Duomo (The Cathedral)

has been built since 1396 with a distinctive style, the result of the fusion of the work of the Comacine masters, the Gothic and the Renaissance styles. The facade, adorned with spires and pinnacles, has three doors and is punctuated by four large Gothic windows; it is enriched by numerous sculptures and decorative elements. The ‘interior, rich and solemn, is illuminated by the light that filters through the rose window and the historiated stained glass windows.

Il Teatro Sociale (Social theater)

an elegant neoclassical building, it was opened in 1813 and later expanded to accommodate nearly 1,000 seats. In 1899 it was lit by electric light. It is currently a venue for drama, dance, opera and concert performances.

Piazza Volta (Volta Square)

among the most lively in Como, with outdoor tables, restaurants and cafes, attracting Como residents and many tourists. The square is dominated by the statue dedicated to Alessandro Volta, the great Como scientist known for the invention of the electric battery. The sculpture was created in 1838 by the famous artist Pompeo Marchesi.

Piazza Cavour (Cavour Square)

that is now one of the city’s main squares, often the site of markets and events, and was once a basin of water, the city port where boats and boats used to dock.

Life Electric

Walking along the boardwalk on the breakwater we’ll find a stainless steel sculpture designed by architect Daniel Libeskind that is dedicated to Alessandro Volta. More than 16 meters high, it has the shape of two opposing sine waves that ideally represent the tension between the two poles of an electric battery.

Tempio Voltiano ( Voltian Temple)

Another monument dedicated to the famous scientist. Built in neoclassical style in 1927 on the occasion of the first centenary of Volta’s death – today it houses inside a museum that collects scientific instruments and documents related to the life and inventions of the great researcher.

Lungo Lario Trieste

The itinerary can also continue along the eastern shore of the Lake, where we’ll find green areas, benches for a rest, and numerous bars, restaurants, and clubs lining the Lario. The walk, if desired, can go as far as the historic Villa Geno.

The funicular railway to Brunate

Inaugurated in 1894, in just 7 minutes it provides a scenic and impressive ride to the charming village of Brunate. The departure station is located in Piazza De Gasperi where tickets can be purchased.

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