What to do in the upper lake?


In the intimacy of Upper Lake Como

Far from the hustle and bustle of the cities of Lecco and Como, and far from the busier towns of Varenna and Bellagio, we find the area of Upper Lake Como, a tranquil area where nature and history prevail. An area characterized by campsites, beaches, mountains, and the ever-present winds, Breva and Tivano.

Water sports

Precisely because of the presence of beaches and wind that never drops completely, the upper lake is an ideal area for water sports enthusiasts such as sailing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing. There are various schools in the area that teach these disciplines to beginners. Anyone going through the upper lake cannot help but try these sports or simply witness individuals who participate in them relaxing in the sun on the vast local beaches.

Trekking, walking, and cycling

If you enjoy sports but dislike water, the upper lake will surprise you with the numerous paths that begin across the area and may be traveled on foot or, in some cases, by mountain bike. There are pathways of varying difficulty that allow even inexperienced hikers to enjoy the outdoors while taking in the spectacular views of the lake and mountains. If you simply want to relax, you can do it by wandering along the lakeside; on the upper lake, every village has one, complete with seats, bars, and strategic locations for great shots.

Piona Abbey

It is definitely worth taking a dip into history by visiting the Abbey of Piona, consecrated in 1138, located on the Olgiasca peninsula between Dervio and Colico, overlooking the lake and, for this reason, also reachable by boat. It is still occupied by Cistercian monks who keep the abbey’s life alive by creating jams, liqueurs, honey, and creams with medicinal herbs. Citizens can also experience the abbey by visiting it, buying the monks’ products and attending masses celebrated according to set calendars.

Fort Fuentes and Montecchio Nord

Another leap into the past, this time more recent, to visit two forts. The first is Fort Montecchio Nord, located in Colico and built at the end of 1914. It represents the most technological Italian installation of World War I. The second is Fort Fuentes, which has stood in the Pian di Spagna since 1601 with the purpose of defending the border with the Grisons territory, which at the time extended to Colico. Both can be visited with guided tours.

Larian Boat Museum

Located in Pianello del Lario, the Larian Boat Museum, or Museo della Barca Lariana, represents the entire history of Lake Como navigation with more than 400 unique and original examples. From the ancient Romans to the present day, the boats enclosed in the museum tell us about ordinary and extraordinary lives. Let yourself be guided through the museum’s themed rooms, travel through more than two millennia of history, and be amazed at how one boat can encapsulate so many emotions, evolutions, and anecdotes.

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