Between Hills, History, and Industry in the Heart of Northern Italy

Brianza is the hilly area that, geographically speaking, lies north of Milan and south of Lake Como. In addition to being an industrial engine of craftsmanship for all the provinces it encompasses, it also represents an incredible historical and natural heritage.

Brianza lakes

The Brianza lakes appear as four small lakes, all of glacial origin, placed almost in a row, a few kilometers apart. Starting from Lecco in order, we find Lake Annone, which is divided into two basins and is entirely bordered by a very popular scenic bicycle path; we then have Lake Pusiano, with its characteristic island of Cypresses, inhabited by exotic animals; we then come to Lake Alserio, an area of protected habitats; and finally Lake Montorfano, the smallest and roundest of them all. From a vantage point almost at the top of Monte Barro it is possible to observe them all together.

Brianza Parks

The heart of Brianza is definitely its green parks that enclose places for hiking and traditional agritourisms. The Regional Park of Montevecchia and the Curone Valley is the greenest and is characterized by agricultural and wine production, then we find the Regional Park of the Lambro Valley that encloses numerous historic villas and bicycle and pedestrian paths, and finally, the Park of Monza, world-renowned as it encloses the Villa Reale and the national racetrack.

Brianza Handicrafts

If the neighboring Lake Como at the corporate level has developed in the silk industry, Brianza has carved out an international space for itself in designer furniture and engineering. From the numerous workshops, family businesses and multinationals, handicrafts are a defining feature of life in Brianza.

Monza, Villa Reale, and the racetrack

Monza represents the symbolic city of Brianza, with on the one hand its bustling center full of shopping streets, bars, and restaurants, and on the other historical monuments and a very rich artistic heritage. It is impossible not to mention the Villa Reale, enclosed in the 720 hectares of Monza Park, built in 1805 at the behest of Napoleon and today fully open to visitors. Finally, Italy’s national symbol is the Monza racetrack, where the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix is held.

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