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Travel back in time and revisit emotions of previous nostalgic eras distinguished by mythical cars, symbols of progress, beauty and uniqueness of style. A déjà-vu of “old” movie cars, objects of desire, symbols of elegance and power.

This exciting throwback in time is possible through the daring initiative of two young businessmen, Ettore and Federico, who passionately put together a unique collection of vintage cars. Each individual car has been carefully selected, ready for those passionate drivers who desire to relive the thrill of the past even for just one day! Be it for a tour of the magnificent lakes downstream of the Pre-Alps, to arrive at an exclusive event as an absolute protagonist, or pure fun- it will certainly trigger flashbacks in time.

his ambitious project is called Rent4Classics and is comprised of a parterre of approximately thirty-two cars, all of them between the 80s and the year 2000, representing symbols of unique brands and styles. These include cars ranging from the noble Jaguar to the iconic Fiat 124 Spider and Alfa Romeo Duetto, from the American ground level Corvette and Pontiac to the timeless Ferrari, from the Porches Boxster to the everlasting Maserati, and much more.

“Our collection is definitely more “rock” than purely traditional”, explains Federico, while checking each single detail under the jaguar green car covers that unveils every four-wheeled jewel. “Our slogan is Revamp your emotions” to recall those emotions of the past, making them available not only for passionate drivers, but also to young people, who wish to discover such feelings for the very first time.

Rent4classics offers a full rental service, starting from the paper-free and user friendly online booking, to the setting of the car, down to the smallest detail (be it mechanical, functional or simply aesthetics); from delivery to collection at hotel or residential facilities. Rent4classics has three garages in Cardano al Campo, a strategical position, very close to Malpensa airport. All garages offer a car valeting service too, nothing less than a gorgeous Jaguar limousine and, at the same time, they cover an area that runs from the Northern Lakes to Langhe and Monferrato, from Southern Switzerland to Franciacorta.

“Rent4classics is a start-up”, continues Federico and “in addition to the mechanical and restoration part, a huge effort has been made for the management and logistic aspect too. Special thanks to Baroni Legend, Milan, together with Autoelite, Fiorano, that made all our luxury cars’ refurbishment possible, while guaranteeing their highest reliability and keeping their original characteristics and peculiarities unaffected.

Rent4classics’ luxury cars are almost all convertible cars, ancient just enough to remain timeless and perfectly rumbling. They could make an appearance or be the protagonist for a timeless day or weekend, for a photo shoot or even a marriage proposal. “That happened too”, describes Federico smiling, while turning on his favourite four-wheeled jewel, a Corvette from 1984 that seems winking at him with its retractable headlights.

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Via Taormina, 14 – 21010, Cardano Al Campo (VA) Italy


+39 0331 374794


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