Il Molo 5

Between beauty, tradition and lake It’s an investment in the beauty, tradition and characteristic of a small part of lake Como Service In Vassena, formally a hamlet of Oliveto Lario but proudly a village of another time, there is a safe docking point to stop by the lake and set sail to explore it. Al […]

La Flaca Boat

Embark on a remarkable journey through the picturesque beauty of Lake Como La Flaca invites you to explore hidden treasures, cultural heritage, and breathtaking vistas in this enchanting destination.Immerse yourself in ultimate luxury and personalized service.Allow La Flaca to curate an unforgettable private tour, tailored to your desires. Elevating your Lake Como experience La Flaca’s […]

Jungle Raider Park

Fun and adrenaline on suspended paths among the trees The largest adventure parks in Lombardy The experience With immense green spaces and breathtaking landscapes, Lombardy offers multiple opportunities to spend time outdoors and immerse yourself in nature. And what could be better than an adventure surrounded by trees, where you can have fun, keep fit […]

Bellagio Sailing

Experience the thrill of sailing on Lake Como Carlo welcomes you on board. Make a tour of Lake Como. The experience No activity is more authentic to lake Como than sailing. Ancient people navigated these waters hundreds of years ago and you can experience this wonderful activity in several ways. Discover our tours 2 hours […]

Petazzi Costruzioni

We have been building quality since 1960 Petazzi Costruzioni srl, based in Grandola ed uniti (Co), is a leader in the construction industry in the province of Como. For more than 60 years, it has been among the most recognized construction companies for professionalism and competence. The company We deal in particular with the construction […]

Pelletteria Denti

Since 1958 In the beautiful landscape of the lake, enjoy the made in Italy and take a closer look at our genuine leather products. The activity Pelletteria Denti was born on the shore of Lake Como in 1958, when Mario Denti began selling leather products made in the Milan workshops in the lakeside towns.At the […]

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